Success Stories

Hyperspectral/Multispectral Imaging Cameras

Challenge: This fast-growing category has an ever-widening list of use applications each with their own list of design parameters. Ultimately,...

HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Challenge: These important analytical instruments use various techniques to separate out a liquid sample injected into a solvent stream that...

DUV (Deep UV) Transmission Gratings

Handheld Field-use Spectrophotometers As demand for portable, field use spectrometers was rapidly growing, a manufacturer aimed to design a line...

Machine vision. Industrial market.

Spectroscopic Analysis of Industrial Lubricants

Challenge: Detect contamination and particulate in motor oil for industrial vehicles to evaluate engine condition and life expectancy. Design Solution:...

Silicon wafter. Semiconductor market.

Semiconductor Wafer Inspection

Challenge:  Semiconductor wafer inspection utilizes ellipsometry as part of the metrology processes to evaluate nanoscale tolerances for thin film coating...

Holographic Weapons Sight

Patented Hybrid Grating and Filter

Holographic Weapons Sight A search for diffraction grating led a US-based weapons accessory manufacturer to contact Optometrics. The manufacturer was interested in redesigning...

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