Mini-Chrom Monochromator Accessories

Mini-Chrom Monochromator Accessories

Monochromator Accessories

Optometrics offers a range of monochromator accessories to go with their line of best selling Mini-Chrom Monochromators.

Interchangeable Slit Sets

Monochromator Slit SetsA 300 micron pair of slits are included with each Mini-Chrom. Additional slit sets can be purchased to optimize resolution or throughput. Slits are available in 50, 100, 150, 300, 600 and 1000 micron widths, all 4 mm in height.

Changing the slit assemblies in any Mini-Chrom takes only a few seconds and no tools. The slit assembly consists of a precision slit photo etched in a black oxide coated brass disc, a slit spacer, slit cover and two banana plugs. The banana plugs allow the assembly to be easily inserted or removed while assuring alignment of the slit with the monochromator.

Note: Slits should always be changed in pairs.

Aperture Adapters

The Aperture Adapter converts the entrance and/or exit slit ports to accept SMA 905 compatible optical fiber assemblies.

Monochromator Aperture Adapter, Monochromator to SMA

Monochromator Aperture Adapter, Monochromator to SMA

Holmium Oxide Calibration Filter

Comprised of 2.5 mm thick holmium oxide filter glass mounted in a metal holder. A spectral scan showing calibration wavelengths from 350 nm to 800 nm is included. A comparison between the reference scan and the indicated wavelength takes only a few seconds.

Higher Order Blocking Filters

Required to block higher order (λ/2, λ/3, λ/4, etc.) radiation. Higher order blocking filters are Optometrics’ Long Pass Cut-On filters mounted in a ring./product-category/optical-filters/longpass-filters/

Blocking filters need to be matched to your specific monochromator. For assistance choosing the correct filter, please contact us to order the correct model for your Mini-Chrom Monochromator and application.

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