Shortpass Filters

Shortpass Filters

Short pass filter spectral curveShort Wavepass Filters

A shortpass filter or short wavepass filter (SP filter) is a filter that transmits at shorter wavelengths and rejects longer wavelengths. By design, the transition in a shortpass filter between the 50% cut-off or cut-on to rejection is quite sharp. This makes it much easier to separate excitation from emitted wavelengths without interfering with wavelengths of interest. Short wavepass filters are useful in applications where spectral noise reduction is important or for isolating a particular region of the spectrum.

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  • Available every 50nm from 450nm to 1000nm
  • Mounted in a black anodized aluminum ring
  • Use in combination with longpass filters for custom bandpass filtering
  • Fine tune cut-on wavelengths by changing angle of incidence

  • Emission filters in fluorescence applications
  • Eliminate unwanted radiation over ultraviolet, visible, or infrared
  • Ideal for Raman spectroscopy
  • Order sorting filters
  • Astronomy applications to study IR radiation without visible light
  • Laser-induced fluorescence to isolate source radiation
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