Optical Replication

Optical Replication

Precision, custom replicated optics are optical components produced by transferring the optical surface of a master (or mold) to one or more copies of the surface. The copies, which approximate the final surface before replication, then take on the precise optical characteristics of the master surface. Optical surface replication produces highly affordable, high-volume critical surface replication that achieves high surface figure accuracy, nanometer range surface feature duplication, and low RMS surface roughness.

Five Reasons to Choose Optometrics

  • 55 years of engineering and design expertise
  • 400+ Masters with optical replication capabilities
  • 500,000+ precision replicated optics annually
  • R&D, engineering and manufacturing under one roof.
  • In-house metrology

Available for the following Optometrics Products:

Diffraction Gratings
Ruled Reflection
Holographic Reflection
Echelle Diffraction Gratings
Transmission Gratings

optical gratings

Optometrics provides optical surface replication expertise and manufactures optimized planar, spherical, and aspherical reflective, diffractive, and transmissive optical components. By closely collaborating with customers, we offer design optimization services that lead to highly precise replicated surfaces in large volumes on a wide variety of substrate materials. We maintain an excellent reputation for supplying spectrally precise optics.

With a commitment to continual improvement and the capacity to produce and assemble tens of thousands of components annually, Optometrics has emerged as the go-to partner for custom and OEM applications.

Expect quality assurance through our ISO 9001:2015 standards, lean manufacturing practices, and a full complement of in-house testing & metrology.

High-Quality Replication Begins at Optometrics

Atomic Force Microscope 2,180 l/mm scan
AFM profile image: 2,180 l/mm, replicated sinusoidal holographic diffraction grating. The peak to valley spacing is approximately 215nm.
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) 1,200 l/mm scan
AFM profile image: 1,200 l/mm, UV blazed replicated holographic diffraction grating.

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