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We are your diffractive optics design solution partner.

Optics products

Efficiency Replicated

Optometrics designs and manufactures exceptional volumes of highly accurate ruled and holographic gratings, wire-grid polarizers and beamsplitters for OEM and reseller markets with our proven design approach and vast library of masters.

Our foundational technology allows us to create replicated gratings that offer affordable performance and our products cover the spectrum from the VUV to LWIR.

Accelerate Your Product Design

Precise, repeatable, custom gratings in exceptionally fast turnaround. Submit a request to get started.

Ready for Deeper UV Gratings Without the High Cost?

Introducing Our DeepUV Transmission Grating

DeepUV gratings offer excellent transmission from 190-400nm, environmental stability and superior polarization resistance not previously available in a diffraction optic. Our unique manufacturing method produces throughput previously unmatched at a reasonable price point.

Life Sciences

Cancer cells. Life Science.


Jet sensor pod. MilAero


Silicon wafter. Semiconductor market.


Machine vision. Industrial market.
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