Priority Gratings In A Week

Our ultra-fast and volume-sensitive replication capacity allows your rapid delivery of any of our 400+ grating designs without sacrificing performance and accuracy.

Move fast on your early project designs and get the results you need by replicating the critical surface finish and figure onto carefully selected, less-expensive, and pre-aligned integral system components—our process results in excellent uniformity and batch-to-batch consistency at a lower price point.

The resulting gratings offer nanometer range surface features and low RMS surface roughness at a fraction of the original master surface production cost.

Optometrics’ precision optical replication exceeds 500,000 components annually, providing our customers with an affordable and reliable supply of diffractive, transmissive, and reflective optical components.

optical gratings

Priority Replication in a Week is available for the following Optometrics Products:

Diffraction Gratings
Ruled Reflection
Holographic Reflection
Echelle Diffraction Gratings

Don’t sacrifice performance or uniformity with Optometrics Priority Gratings

Optometrics provides superior optical surface replication know-how with our capacity for manufacturing application-optimized planar, spherical, and aspherical reflective, diffractive, and transmissive optical components. This advanced technology has been adapted for affordable, high-volume, critical-surface replication to achieve high surface-figure accuracy on a nanometer range surface and low RMS surface roughness.

Expect quality assurance through our ISO 9001:2015 standards, lean manufacturing practices, and a full complement of in-house metrology. 

Atomic Force Microscope 2,180 l/mm scan
AFM profile image: 2,180 l/mm, replicated sinusoidal holographic diffraction grating. The peak-to-valley spacing is approximately 215nm.

High-Quality Replication Begins at Optometrics

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