Wavelength Selection Solutions

Established in 1965, Optometrics is a leading supplier of wavelength selection solutions including standard and custom optical components and pre-aligned sub-assemblies. The company’s core technologies include mechanical ruling, holographic recording, photolithography, and optical thin film coatings. From diffraction gratings to polarizersbeamsplitters to monochromators, and coatings to filters, it maintains an excellent reputation for supplying spectrally precise equipment.

An ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified company, Optometrics brings R&D, engineering and manufacturing under one roof. With a catalog of more than 400 optical gratings masters ready for immediate replication and a deeper archive thousands strong, capacity to produce 500,000+ precision replicated optical components annually, and robust in-house metrology services for precision and environmental durability, Optometrics is the go-to partner for custom and OEM photonics applications. It also supports lean manufacturing practices, including Six Sigma methodologies and approaches to problem solving.

Quality and Testing Focus

  • Customer matched test protocols
  • Extensive inventory of stock optical components
  • Fast delivery of custom optical components
  • ISO 5 (Class 100) Clean Room for pre-aligned assemblies
  • Kanban stocking arrangements
  • Custom packaging, marking, and bar coding services

  • FTIR Spectroscopy, Microscopy
  • Life sciences
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Weapons sight
  • Military optics
  • Monochromators

ITAR Certified - International Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITAR Certified

The Society for Applied Spectroscopy
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Photonics Buyers Guide
European Photonics Industry Consortium

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