Holographic Diffraction Gratings

Holographic Diffraction Gratings

High-Quality Holographic Diffraction Gratings

These replicated holographic diffraction gratings are produced on soda lime glass substrates from high quality holographic master gratings and are intended for use in spectrometers and monochromators where cost and low stray light are of primary concern. They exhibit a flatter response due to their sinusoidal groove profile.

Available with either standard or CW-type construction for higher damage thresh­old performance, holographic diffraction gratings can also be produced on substrates with a lower coefficient of thermal expansion for better stability. No damage threshold minimums apply to diffraction gratings with an overcoat.

Pulsed 350 milli-joules/ cm2 @ 200 n sec.
CW 40 watts/cm2

Pulsed 3.5 joules/ cm2 @ 200 n sec.
CW 250 watts/cm2

For continuous high power applications.

Optometrics develops hybrid grating and optical filter for holographic weapons sight.

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