Manual Tunable Light Sources

Manual Tunable Light Sources

Manual Tunable Light Source (TLS)

A TLS is used to maximize throughput in the visible region of the spectrum. Optometrics’ Manual Tunable Light Source is a convenient and affordable integration of the Mini-Chrom monochromator, and an efficient, power stabilized broadband Tungsten Halogen light source with a variable aperture/shutter. By turning the knob on the TLS the diffraction grating can be rotated to allow only a few nanometers of light to pass through the slit or fiber optic adapter. The lamp used in the TLS  has usable spectral energy between 360 nm and 2000 nm. However, no one grating can give adequate performance over this range. Optometrics offers versions optimized for the visible spectrum 360 nm to 800 nm and others for NIR.

If our standard Manual TLS (Tunable Light Source) configuration does not suit your application-specific needs, we can put together a custom TLS system that better suits your specific requirements. We can configure a system utilizing any of our standard monochromator models or we can work with you to design a model to cover a specific wavelength range.

Items Included With Manual TLS

Note: Manual versions cannot be upgraded to computer-controlled versions.

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