DUV (Deep UV) Transmission Gratings

Handheld Field-use Spectrophotometers

As demand for portable, field use spectrometers was rapidly growing, a manufacturer aimed to design a line of handheld spectrometers based on their well-known and trusted benchtop spectrophotometers. Using conventional optical layouts, they struggled to yield a compact, lightweight, and cost-effective design especially for DUV applications.

Working with engineers at Optometrics a solution was found using transmission gratings which allowed the system designers to use an in-line optical layout which reduced the size and number of components. The reduction in components from the transmission grating design resulted in a compact and lightweight design.

The single compact design was able to incorporate Optometrics DUV, Visible and NIR transmission gratings which was key in meeting the build cost goals for the entire line of spectrometers and allowed our customer to meet mahttps://www.optometrics.com/product-category/diffraction-gratings/transmission-gratings/rket demand while retaining their reputation in quality and accuracy.

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