Mini-Chrom Monochromators

Mini-Chrom Monochromators

Optometrics Custom Monochromators

Optometrics Mini-Chrom monochromators are a family of compact, in-line Fastie-Ebert monochromators with a 74mm focal length, ideally suited for general spectroscopy use as well as OEM system integration.

With over 30,000 sold, the Optometrics Mini-Chrom has been a proven workhorse for reliable precision, and superior service life when integrated within sophisticated analytical and biomedical instrumentation such as clinical chemistry analyzers, HPLC detectors, industrial process analyzers, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers and when used within laboratory research applications.

Throughput, resolution, stray light and power handling are comparable to many larger, more expensive ones. The Mini-Chrom is specifically designed to minimize astigmatic aberrations, enhancing instrument resolution. Each unit includes a set of fixed slits which can be easily changed to wider or narrower slits to optimize throughput or resolution for a particular application.

A variety of monochromator accessories are available that will increase the versatility of the Mini-Chrom in a laboratory environment, including a stepping motor controller and tungsten halogen lamp module with power supply.

Mini-Chrom Model Comparison Chart

Mini-Chrom Monochromator Model Comparison Chart

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