Optical Filters and Coatings Capabilities

We offer custom build-to-print optical coatings

With time-proven, viable and economical manufacturing methods, we offer an extensive selection of optical filters built according to OEM specification, optimized for our customers’ applications. End product size ranges from millimeters to meters, and may be flat, curved, or flexible films depending on coating type.

Substrate Materials

  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Ceramics

Coating Capabilities

ION Assisted Deposition

Advanced Ion Assisted thin film deposition (IAD) of refractory oxides provides exceptional environmental durability and enables the design and manufacture of complex coating designs exposed to the atmosphere on a large variety of substrate materials.

Traditional Thin Film Coatings

With a time-proven, viable and economical approach, we produce narrow and broadband bandpass filters with central wavelengths from 330 –1650 nm. We also offer an extensive selection of catalog optical filters, as well as custom sizes and thicknesses.

Laser Protection Coatings

We team with you to provide custom designed Laser Protection Coatings on your specified substrate materials using hard dielectric thin film deposition throughout the retinal hazard region of 400 – 1,400 nm.

Our laser eye, electronic equipment, and sensor protection coatings provide high optical density at very specific wavelengths while maximizing Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for improved visible color recognition.

Various absorptive, reflective, and a hybrid of absorptive and reflective component integration schemes are utilized to provide cost effective laser safety solutions requiring single wavelength, multiple wavelength, and wide spectral band protection on eyeglass lenses, goggles, and windows made from many types of glasses and plastics.

Quality is assured through state-of-the-art testing & metrology.

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