Ruled Diffraction Gratings

Ruled Diffraction Gratings

High Quality Ruled Gratings

These replicated diffraction gratings are produced from high-quality ruled master gratings and are intended for use in spectrometers and monochromators where cost and high efficiency are of primary concern. Ruled diffraction gratings have a higher peak efficiency than holographic diffraction gratings and a sharper spectral response around their blaze wavelength, due to their “sawtooth” groove profile.

Applications like fluorescence excitation, analytical chemistry, life sciences, telecom, physics, education and space sciences – centered around a narrow wavelength range – benefit from a ruled diffraction grating blazed at that wavelength.

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Available with standard or CW-type construction for higher damage thresh­old performance ruled diffraction gratings can also be produced on substrates with a lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for better stability. No damage threshold minimums apply to diffraction gratings with an overcoat.

Pulsed 350 milli-joules/ cm2 @ 200 n sec.
CW 40 watts/cm2

Pulsed 3.5 joules/ cm2 @ 200 n sec.
CW 250 watts/cm2

For continuous high power applications.

Optometrics develops hybrid grating and optical filter for holographic weapons sight.

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