Tunable Light Sources

Tunable Light Sources

Tunable Light Source

A Tunable Light Source or TLS is used to maximize throughput in the visible region of the spectrum to study wavelength dependent chemical, biological, and physical changes or properties. It can also be used in color analysis and reflectivity measurements of products for aesthetic purposes. The TLS is great for laboratory use and can be customized for many OEM applications.

Optometrics’ TLS is a convenient and affordable integrated system consisting of a Mini-Chrom monochromator and an efficient, power stabilized broadband Tungsten Halogen light source with a variable aperture. The versatile design allows for the selection of manual or computer controlled versions, a spectral range from 360 – 1000 nm, a customizable bandwidth*, as well as fiber optic input adapters for the output.

TLS Technical Info

By turning the knob on the manual version, or using software control on the motorized version, the grating is rotated to allow only a few nm of light to pass through the exit slit, fiber optic adapter or fiber optic cable.

The lamp used in the tunable light source has usable spectral energy between 360 nm and 2000 nm. However, no one grating can give adequate performance over this range. Optometrics offers a wide range of diffraction grating choices to provide optimum band pass selectivity and throughput. The TLS is optimized for the visible spectrum 360 nm to 800 nm and others for the near infrared.

For most illumination applications, passbands of 5 nm or narrower are considered to be high resolution*. Passbands of 10 nm or less are rarely needed in colorimetry or photochemistry. The Optometrics TLS-6 offers a 6 nm band pass.**

* Custom monochromator slits are available to change the resolution. However, power increases with band pass. Most applications will utilize the widest band pass possible that will not affect the quality of the measurement.

** Assumes the use of the standard included 600 micron entrance slits.

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