Introducing DeepUV Transmission Gratings

duv gratings optometrics

Extend into the DUV for analysis instrumentation at a reasonable cost.

Our proprietary and revolutionary way to manufacture highly efficient DUV Gratings for high volume OEM requirements.


• Excellent transmission from 190-400nm 

• Environmental stability

• Good solarization resistance

• Available in standard or custom sizes from 4×4 mm to 30×30 mm and larger

• Sawtooth and holographic grating structures are available 

“With the need for more miniaturized, field-use spectrometer instrumentation or medical applications such as capillary analysis and HPLC, R&D engineers now have options other than etched fused silica gratings to attain better margins without sacrificing performance and field durability,” states John Bangrazi, Director of Business Development. 

The resolution of the DeepUV™ products is on par with the original Optometrics transmission UV TX gratings which typically cut off below 240nm. 

Optometrics is known for designing and manufacturing precise, repeatable diffraction gratings with a rapid turnaround. 

RFQ For Your Next DUV Project

RFQ For Your Next DUV Project

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