Mini-Chrom Monochromators - Custom & OEM

Mini-Chrom Monochromators

OEM Design Optimization

The huge success of the Mini-Chrom monochromator has been driven by several key factors, including:

  • Proven robust design
  • Tested for over one million scans
  • Can be easily optimized for specific applications with:
    • Custom optical coatings
    • Hundreds of available diffraction gratings
    • System integration design support
    • Custom scanning drive system support

OEM Monochromators

Scanning Mini-Chrom MonochromatorThis cost effective design provides remarkably high spectral resolution, accuracy and repeatability. The OEM model is designed to be driven by stepping or servo-controlled motors, and used in applications requiring either single or repetitive scans of wavelength intervals or the sequential selection of discrete wavelengths. Proven robustness, with over 20,000 units in the field.

Research Monochromators

In addition to the motor driven designs, the Mini-Chrom is also available with either a micrometer, digital counter, or integral digital counter/stepping motor controlled by a calibrated drive for wavelength selection and readout. They are used in a variety of applications requiring an inexpensive, small, yet high performance monochromator.

To learn more about the technology, geometry, operation and uses, click here.

Family of mini-chrom monochromators