OEM/Custom Design

Optometrics operates several modern master diffraction grating production laboratories, producing both interferometrically controlled classically ruled and holographically recorded replication masters to optimize its OEM customers’ instrument performance. Hundreds of standard replication masters are inventoried for fast delivery of many common designs. Optometrics also supports new OEM customers in need of regenerating less efficient grating replication masters, resulting in improved quality, manufacturing efficiencies, and lower costs. Many OEM’s further benefit from Optometrics’ related products, pre-aligned spectrometer sub-assemblies and precision optical replication expertise for critical mirror surfaces.

Optometrics’ core technologies of mechanical ruling, holographic recording, photolithography and optical thin film coatings have also positioned the company as a leading supplier of patterned optical coatings, polka-dot beamsplitters, wire grid polarizers, and specialty mirrors.

Optometrics offers its OEM customers additional services:

  • Kanban stocking arrangements
  • Bar coding capabilities
  • Specialized packaging services
  • Customer names coded for confidentiality
  • Higher level pre-aligned optical assemblies

The company is also proud of its ability to support customers in all phases of the product development cycle.

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