Edge Filters

A Long Pass or Long Wave Pass filter (“LP”) is one that transmits at longer wavelengths and rejects shorter wavelengths. A Short Pass or Short Wave Pass filter (“SP”) is a filter that transmits at shorter wavelengths and rejects longer wavelengths. By design, the transition in both LP and SP filters between the 50% cut-off or cut-on to rejection is quite sharp. This makes it much easier to separate excitation from emitted wavelengths without interfering with wavelengths of interest. SP and LP filters are useful in applications where spectral noise reduction is important or for isolating a particular region of the spectrum. They can be used as emission filters in fluorescence applications, to eliminate any unwanted radiation, in spectroscopy, and as order sorting filters, as well as in astronomical applications. They are also used in laser-induced fluorescence to isolate source radiation. 


  • Long Pass filters every 50 nm from 500 nm to 1500 nm
  • Short Pass filters every 50 nm from 450 nm to 1000 nm
  • Ring mounted
  • Scribed and sealed for moisture protection
  • Use in combination for custom filtering
  • Fine tune cut-on or cut-off wavelengths by changing angle of incidence 

General Specifications

Dimensions & Tolerances  
        25.4 mm diameter +0.00, -0.2 mm
        Thickness </= 6.3 mm
Clear Aperture  
        25.4 mm diameter >/= 21.0 mm
Mounting Black Andonized Aluminum Ring
Scratch/Dig 80/50 per Mil-O-13830a
Substrate Material Borofloat
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to 75ºC


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